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Human and A.I. interactions

Speak to A.I. today

The future of human and A.I. interaction has arrived as we present you exclusive access to speak directly to overwhelmingly intelligent A.I. using built-in real-time advanced voice recognition.

All you need is a microphone enabled device and permission to access it.

Superior Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence platform uses advanced algorithms and complex neural network models that analyze large datasets to provide highly accurate and reliable information to you, our users.

Get correct answers to all your questions, no matter the complexity.

Free to experience

Our goal is to encourage free, unlimited access to Artificial Intelligence for all, across the globe.

SpeakWith.ai is free to use, allowing anyone to interact with A.I. without any cost in a demonstration of how powerful A.I. interactions can be. Use limitations apply due to our costs.

Available cross platform

How can I access it?

The web based version of SpeakWith.ai is fully featured, including 2 way vocal communication with A.I. and works on all browsers and devices.

Download and install our FREE native Android app available on the Google Play Store. Requires Microphone permission.

We are currently in full swing developing the Apple iOS version of the SpeakWith.ai app. For now, use the web based version in your browser.


Empowering knowledge, productivity & savings


Interacting with Artificial Intelligence will utlimately boost your knowledge across a myriad of topics as you learn new evidence based information relevant to your curiosity.


Improve productivity by utilising our A.I. to gather, process and report accurate information almost instantly, that can than be used to efficiently complete tasks at hand.

Cost & Time Savings

AI-powered information gathering and reporting eliminates the need for manual processing and analysis, reducing staffing costs, minimizing delays and increasing profitability.


Sharing features built in

Share interactions or responses from the A.I.

Impress your social circle, colleagues or family by sharing reliable evidence based information provided by the A.I directly from within the SpeakWith.ai app in only 2 clicks/taps.

Supported are all the major social networds, Whats App, direct interface to compose "new email" and more.

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